Listen to the Exact Moment DNC Members Heard of Kennedy’s Retirement – ‘Oh My God!’

Far be it for us to relish somebody else’s pain, but this is just too funny.

Audio from within a Democrat National Committee meeting on Wednesday captures the exact moment members heard the news that Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring from the Supreme Court.

His departure is a monumental development, giving President Donald Trump a second Supreme Court nomination and a potential 6 to 3 advantage for right-leaning justices. It may shape the court as conservative for decades to come and has liberals foaming at the mouth over the possibility of one of its more reprehensible rulings being overturned – Roe v. Wade.

The gravity of the situation was certainly not lost on those attending the DNC meeting as they heard the news, and the anguish is palpable.

“Justice Anthony Kennedy has just announced that he’s retiring,” a member of the meeting announced.

Take a listen to what happens next …

How it sounded inside a DNC committee meeting the moment Justice Kennedy’s retirement was announced

— David Siders (@davidsiders) June 27, 2018


“Ohhhh!” one person wails.

Another laments, “Oh my God!”

One member seemed bitter over Kennedy’s history of voting with the majority of late but noted, he was one Justice the left could sometimes sway.

“Not that he’s done us any good on these recent decisions, but he was the one who was usually persuadable,” the DNC meeting participant pondered.

“This is not good news,” one man concludes.

DNC Rules committee meeting interrupted by news of Justice Kennedy’s retirement. Cries of ‘Ohh’ and ‘Oh my God.’ ‘This is not good news.’

— David Siders (@davidsiders) June 27, 2018


Needless to say, people weren’t all that sympathetic to the DNC’s plight, mocking them relentlessly on the socials.

— Jeremy (@The_Smirker) June 28, 2018

???. Thanks for laugh. Reminded me of 2016 election night.

— howard miller (@howardm40577207) June 27, 2018

Two scoops, two terms, two genders, at least two justices #MAGA

— Quantified Dave (@QuantifiedDave) June 27, 2018


Just two Justices?

Remember, Hillary Clinton warned voters prior to her presumed coronation that a Republican president could nominate as many as four Supreme Court Justices, a fact she called ‘terrifying.’

A Republican president could nominate as many as 4 Supreme Court justices. Why that should terrify you:

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 22, 2015


Imagine the behind the scenes meetings that will be taking place at the DNC if there are any more retirements over the next two to six years.


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