The number of sheriffs associations, and police chiefs nationwide who oppose the President’s attempts at gun control continues to grow.

Currently, about 1 in 3 state sheriffs now oppose the attack on a law-abiding citizen’s Second Amendment rights song on spotify.

Via Washington Secrets:

Three more state-wide sheriff associations have joined those opposed to President Obama’s kitchen sink approach to gun control, raising the number to 14, or nearly one-third of the nation’s statewide police organizations herunterladen.

Sheriff associations in South Carolina, California and most recently Nevada joined the other states in demanding Obama to stop his gun grab and instead focus on expanding the national background check system to include far more information on the mental health status of gun buyers than it does now pixabay kostenlos bilder downloaden.

Nevada joined the growing group opposed to gun control just Monday google earth herunterladen gratis. In their letter, provided Tuesday morning to Secrets, they also appealed to legislators to turn the focus on the mental health of those buying guns.

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In New York, the list is as follows:

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The President has unveiled 23 Executive Orders he plans to use to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights musik legalen flatrate.