Liberals Are Right- It’s Time This Racist Statue Came Down

The liberal outrage brigade has been running amok, tearing down confederate statues and monuments, and renaming streets and landmarks, all in a simple-minded attempt to stop racism by rewriting history.

It prompted some, including President Trump, to joke that statues and monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be the next to be erased from our history.

The loons didn’t let us down, demanding George Washington statues be removed, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial be relegated to a museum, parks named after Andrew Jackson to be dedicated instead to honor Michael Jackson, and cries for Mount Rushmore to be blown up.

Timestamps. I should probably just take the rest of the day off.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) August 17, 2017


Go ahead and read that last sentence again and understand that every single one of those stories is real.

So libs might as well go full lib. There’s one super racist statue lurking in Philadelphia that needs to come down. It portrays an undersized white man who mercilessly beat up a powerful black man.

It’s time the statue was removed for being a symbol of hate …


Come on, we all know what this statue symbolizes – white privilege exerting itself over an African-American champion.

Not only did white privilege beat out Apollo Creed in the first two Rocky movies, but it beat out another black boxer known as Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Lang was portrayed as a thug in the film, which of course is racist.

That’s three straight movies in which a white hero triumphed over the black villain in the Rocky series. Is that something we should celebrate?



And let’s be honest – not only did Rocky beat his black opponent in that movie, but the former world champ ended up serving him as manager on the sidelines only to later get killed by a white Russian. Not the drink, but a white Russian named Ivan Drago.

You may laugh, but you also probably scoffed at the idea that liberals wanted to destroy Washington statues, Lincoln monuments, and Mount Rushmore.

And if you don’t think they’re dumb enough to at least try this, please review this story about how leftist Mensa candidates vandalized and tried to topple a Peace Monument which symbolized the nation’s healing after the Civil War.

It’s only a matter of time before they come after the Rocky Balboa statue – and this time we’re not sure if Rocky is going to be able to pull himself off the mat.

Of course, we’re being completely facetious here, but is anything truly unbelievable when it comes to outraged liberals in the era of Trump?

Won’t they do anything just to prove their anger? Share your thoughts below!

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