Liberals Outraged at ‘The Wall’ Halloween Costume

Something is always offensive to somebody else at some point. Halloween costumes always bring out the worst in perpetually outraged liberals that find something devious in everything they see.

Party City has triggered some snowflakes, offering an adult costume called ‘The Wall.’

‘The Wall,’ as it’s name suggests, allows the user to dress up like a wall for Halloween. It is, as you’ve been told by Democrats and the mainstream media, a racist concept.

The costume is a tunic made to look like a big beautiful brick wall and has it’s description written on the front for those unable to recognize a wall when they see it.

Party City’s “The Wall” costume…wear it proudly in solidarity at your next party, protest or NFL game!

— Paul (@pistolboss) October 15, 2017


The only thing offensive about this costume is the price. Shouldn’t Mexico pay for it, Party City?

If anything, the way one looks in that costume might be more effective at deterring illegal immigrants from crossing the border than anything else.

The description on the retailer’s website makes zero mention of President Trump, the border, Mexico, or anything other than it “has the appearance of a brick wall complete with a red brick pattern and a headline that reads The Wall.”

Naturally, leftists immediately assumed the costume was a border wall and thus racist.

If cultural appropriation on Halloween isn’t for you, here’s a directly racist costume straight from @PartyCity.

— Jason Rosenberg (@mynameisjro) October 8, 2017

as if placing white woman in sugar skulls and “esk*mo” costumes weren’t enough for Party City, they made a “The Wall” costume

— spooky safia (@savvysafia) October 14, 2017


Then of course, they turned to violence. One twitter user, who has since had their account suspended said, “If I see anyone wearing a ‘The Wall’ costume, fair warning, you’re getting punched. Like hard.”

Other social media users however, immediately thought of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ before anything offensive.

This is not a racist costume. It’s just a reference to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album cover.

— Angel Gtx (@angel_gtx) October 11, 2017


Honestly, we’re not sure what the big deal is here. Did anybody get offended when Hillary Clinton wore a costume called ‘The Rug?’


Just kidding libs.

Is ‘The Wall’ costume inappropriate or funny? Share your thoughts below!

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