Liberals: This Chart Explains Your Future Employment Prospects Perfectly

It’s the main question on every college student’s mind – What are my chances of finding a great, or even good job after I graduate?

If you’re a liberal on campus and have demanded “safe spaces” from offensive speech or have curled up in the fetal position upon seeing pro-Trump chalk messages, then your employment prospects take a bit of a turn.

With that in mind, the good folks at PragerU have created this very helpful graphic to aid liberal students in visualizing their chance of landing a great job with their fancy college degree when they finally get out in the real world.


But what about the coloring books? Surely there’s a job out there for an adult who likes to color in coloring books?

Personally, I can’t imagine why any business owner wouldn’t look at a precious snowflake fresh out of college that protested sidewalk chalktopless sunbathing, the right to have a ‘safe space,’ and the First Amendment, and want them to join their workforce?

As opposed to someone who has worked a tough job before. Like, say, at a McDonald’s?


In the video above, Haverford undergraduate Olivia Legaspi explains how college taught her that her feelings are more important than anything while working at McDonald’s taught her that serving others comes first.

Who was teaching her correctly and preparing her for the real world?

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