The American flag was displayed during an Atlanta Braves baseball game this past weekend, and one NBC sports analyst fumed by calling the display “political” and asking that we “keep (it) out of sports.”

“Will you keep politics out of sports, please,” Craig Calcaterra posted alongside an image of the flag. “We like sports to be politics-free.”

Since when is the American flag political? We know that patriotism is political – a staple for conservatives and nearly non-existent on the left.

But the flag itself?

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Here is an image of what Calcaterra finds so off-putting:

Here was his reaction to Old Glory on the ball field:


Via The Blaze:

Craig Calcaterra, lead baseball writer for NBC Sports, claimed that the image of the American flag is political — and was promptly ridiculed for the ridiculous assertion.

Calcaterra tweeted out a picture Sunday morning of Suntrust Park in Atlanta with Old Glory covering the outfield grass and the Jumbotrons up above.

“Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free,” the tweet read.

As you can imagine, some followers on Twitter took offense to Calcaterra’s assertion that the flag is political.


A Gallup Poll this past summer shows that millenials and liberals are among the least patriotic groups in America.

Perhaps with ESPN and NBC’s decidedly leftward turn in covering the athletic world, we can now add sports journalists to that group.

Do you think the American flag and military flyovers at sporting events is political? Do you support their use? Share your thoughts below.

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