Liberal Pundit Just Gave Trump Voters The Wake-Up Call They Need!

Here’s an important reminder about the stakes involved in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (in other words, 99 percent of them) will jump at the chance to impeach President Trump should they win back the House in this year’s election. This, according to progressive radio talk show host, and senior political contributor at CNN, Bill Press.

Press was taking part in an interview with billionaire Democrat donor, Tom Steyer, who certainly has an impact on what his party does or does not do in Congress, and may know a little inside baseball on what they’ll do moving forward. The pair were asked about the likelihood that Democrats vote to impeach Trump if they are successful in regaining control of the House.

They would not hesitate, Press explained, in discussing the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Congressional Districts in Pennsylvania. He believes the decision is a key first step to ousting Trump.

“That’s extremely important, and that’s sort of, I think, a first step and necessary step to getting … to, down the road, impeachment,” Press announced. “And Susan, it will be day one of the new Congress, I think, if Democrats take control.”

Bill Press: Democrats Will Impeach Trump on Day One If They Retake the House –

— great american (@pamaustin49) March 20, 2018


The Democrats have certainly been trying their best to implement impeachment proceedings. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been singing that tune since before Trump’s inauguration. Rep. Al Green (D-TX) actually introduced articles of impeachment, which failed in spectacular fashion.

If Press is correct, Democrats’ desire to impeach President Trump will intensify if they manage to win the House.

However, Press did offer a glimmer of hope if Democrats do somehow fail to succeed in the upcoming elections.

“Look, Democrats could screw up a two-car funeral, right?” he quipped. “They could clearly blow this.”


Still, he added, “If you look, New Jersey, Virginia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, four big victories Democrats were not supposed to win.”

“There have been 39 state legislative seats across the country, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Florida, flipped from red to blue since Donald Trump took office,” Press said. “That’s the beginning building of a blue wave.”

Republicans need to figure out what is going wrong and get on board the Trump agenda before it’s too late. This alleged ‘blue wave’ needs to be stopped.

Perhaps the never-Trumpers are banking on it.

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