A protest outside the DNC in Philadelphia went horribly wrong when one overly excited liberal tried to stomp on a burning American flag, only to catch himself on fire.


Natalie DiBlasio, an editor for USA Today, captured the incident on video.

There are three lessons to be learned here: 1) Don’t burn the American flag. 2) Don’t stomp on the American flag. and 3) If you can’t avoid the first two and you’re a man, don’t wear a dress whilst protesting.

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Via the Daily Caller:

A defiant attack on the American flag went in an unfortunate direction for a protester outside the Democratic National Convention, as the protester accidentally set himself on fire while stomping on a burning flag.

A group of cheering demonstrators were watching an American flag burn outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia prior to Barack Obama’s keynote address.

“Burn that f***ing white capitalist s*** the f*** down,” one onlooker cried, just before an overenthusiastic protester jumped out and began briefly dancing over the blaze.

This turned out to be a terrible idea, as a skirt the protester was wearing quickly caught fire and sent him toppling to the ground in a panic.

Cheers quickly turned to cries of “What are you doing?” and “What an idiot!” before the blaze was extinguished.

Watch karma and Darwinism all rolled into one below …



At last week’s Republican convention, a protester also set themselves (and others) on fire trying to burn an American flag.

That incident led to a Cleveland police officer shouting “You’re on fire, stupid!” before extinguishing the moron.

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