Report: Liberal Policies Are Turning Upstate New York Into Another Detroit

An incredible piece that appeared in the Deseret News this past week shows how Democrat platforms such as high taxes and over-regulation are turning upstate New York into another debacle like Detroit.

The report focuses on Binghamton, a city once known as a powerhouse of industry but which now shares many similar economic measures as Detroit.

For example, 31% of Binghamton residents live at or below the federal poverty line, a number just shy of the Motor City which has 38% of its residents at that level.

The author of the piece refers to upstate New York as “Detroit with grass.”

Via Deseret News:

Upstate New York is becoming Detroit with grass.

Binghamton, New York — once a powerhouse of industry — is now approaching Detroit in many economic measures, according to the U.S. Census. In Binghamton, more than 31 percent of city residents are at or below the federal poverty level compared to 38 percent in Detroit. Average household income in Binghamton at $30,179 in 2012 barely outpaces Detroit’s $26,955. By some metrics, Binghamton is behind Detroit. Some 45 percent of Binghamton residents own their dwellings while more than 52 percent of Detroit residents are homeowners. Both “Rust Belt” cities have lost more than 2 percent of their populations.

Binghamton is not alone. Upstate New York — that vast 50,000-square mile region north of New York City — seems to be in an economic death spiral.

Upstate New York is losing jobs, dollars, and people at a staggering rate, and the report cites a major reason for that being tethered to uber-liberal New York City, whose residents “overwhelmingly support higher taxes, stricter regulation and bigger spending than the national averages.”

“Those policies are blamed for upstate’s economic woes by many in the region.”

The mindset between upstate New York and the city and Long Island are stark in their differences.  Upstate New York overwhelmingly rejected Governor Cuomo and his Democrat policies this past election, with Republican Rob Astorino winning 42 counties to Cuomo’s 8.

The report concludes that upstate New York could flourish if they could only “get out from under New York’s tax-and-regulatory system.”

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