Say what you will about Donald Trump’s name-calling during the campaign season – whether he’s referring to his opponents as ‘Little Marco’ or ‘Lyin’ Ted’ – the names tend to stick.

Such is the case for his latest adversary, ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton.

How well is it working? A liberal journalist for ABC News read a Trump tweet during her show and added an extra word to it.

Here’s Trump’s original tweet which read:


Let’s see if you can spot the change Martha Raddatz of ABC’s This Week made to the original tweet …


Indeed, Raddatz added the description of ‘crooked’ to Hillary Clinton’s name all on her own.

It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Crooked Hillary Clinton. What she did was wrong! What Bill did was stupid!

It’s one thing for Trump’s followers to run with the descriptor of ‘crooked’ when referring to Hillary Clinton, but when you get mainstream media personalities to slip up and call her that, it’s quite another.

Cross-posted at the Political Insider