Liberal Fox News contributor and former Democratic committee employee, Kirsten Powers, admitted today that President Obama’s biggest problem is that he surrounds himself with suck-ups and “Kool-Aid drinkers.”

Powers also added that it isn’t the suck-ups who are at fault – it’s the President himself herunterladen.

Transcript via the Daily Caller:

I really think that [President Obama] is the problem, I don’t think it’s the staff… I think that the president tends to surround himself with people who suck up to him, you know alle alben kostenlos downloaden? And he doesn’t — he claims that he had this idea like Lincoln, he was going to have all these people disagreeing with each other, but I don’t think he really has animal crossing designs herunterladen. I think he has a lot of Kool-Aid drinkers who think everything he does is right, and I think he needs to be able to have people there to confront him ios 8 kostenlosen.

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Watch the clip below where a liberal is calling out the President and the Obamabots who surround him …

Here is an excerpt from a Forbes article that explains why surrounding yourself with suck-ups is a bad thing herunterladen.

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Suck-ups make us feel like we’re curled up with a warm blanket. Everything is okay, even cozy. We feel safe with them. We trust them microsoft betriebssystem herunterladen.

These are the people we often consider to be our most loyal friends because they help us feel like we’re right. Validated. Vindicated. Smart bingokaarten dead 20 download.

Well, we may be all these things at one time or another, but we are not all these things all the time. And if you find that your trusted advisors are indiscriminate in their praise, it may be time for a gut-check ganze alben kostenlosen legal.

Sounds about right – the Middle East continues to burn, people have dropped out of the workforce in record numbers, Ebola has hit land in America, ‘lone-wolf’ terror attacks proliferate … and Obama continues to golf his way past the graveyard videos herunterladen youtube online.

The Washington Post – of all outlets – even analyzed the President’s continuous efforts to turn to his “inner-circle” during times of crisis, saying the President “has repeatedly resorted to using outside operators to right the government’s course,” making the White House look “merely reactive” to full-fledged crises sims 4 free download windows.

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