Protesters interrupted a campaign event hosted by Republican Senate nominee Marsha Blackburn, with some shouting and being removed during a moment of silence for the victims of a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue panda antivirus gratisen.

The vile, unhinged left was on full display as several were hauled away by security before Blackburn even took the stage.

As she was being introduced, the protesters began yelling, to which the crowd, as is typically the case at a Republican campaign rally, drowned them out with chants of “USA herunterladen! USA!”

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Because leftists like to yell for attention, while conservatives shout their love of country.


The group interrupting Blackburn put all of their best protest tactics on display adobe flash player free.

Some yelled incoherently, some took a knee, some shouted ‘Impeach Trump,’ and others called Blackburn a “white supremacist.”

Where it really came off the rails, however, is when rallygoers were asked for a moment of silence for the 11 victims in the deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue ricardo.

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Showing an alarming lack of respect, one protester yelled “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist,” while another shouted about the President’s impeachment mms bilderen handy.

They were promptly removed.

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Truly, truly deplorable people navi map.

“How despicable that you cannot even have a moment of silence,” Blackburn scolded those removed by law enforcement.

Bada** Lindsey Graham Responds

Senator Lindsey Graham headlined the event and showed his new and much appreciated aggressive side, poking fun at the liberal protesters herunterladen.

“Marsha will change the Senate,” he said, urging the protesters to leave before he went on. “Marsha’s going to help Trump.”

Of the liberals in general, Graham offered this tremendous analysis: “All these people that are trying to destroy our country and turn it into Venezuela and take our way of life — we’re going to kick their a**.”


“The only people wanting to yell at me would turn the country into a mob,” Graham said in a follow-up interview with Fox News Just cause 4.

This Isn’t New

“I have never in my life heard of people interrupting a moment of silence … I think that’s despicable,” Blackburn said, clearly dismayed at what had happened herunterladen.

But it is certainly not the first time liberal protesters – and even some prominent Democrats – have turned a moment of silence into a disgraceful display or partisan politics.

Last year, Democrat congressman Ted Lieu walked out of a moment of silence for victims of the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and instead recorded a social media video just outside declaring he “will not be silent.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz turned a candlelight prayer vigil for victims of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, into a shrieking anti-gun political rally.


Even prior to that, Democrat lawmakers interrupted a moment of silence for the victims of the terrorist attack at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The leftist protesters at Blackburn’s rally are just following the lead of their Democrat lawmakers – the ones who continually mock people with enough respect, dignity, and common sense to offer thoughts and prayers during a tragic event.

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