CNN’s Chris Cuomo was caught on leaked audiotapes coaching Michael Cohen on what to say for an upcoming interview, even offering to “make some phone calls” to assure Trump’s former attorney didn’t get into any legal trouble over the appearance vlc player 64 bit download for free german. chris cuomo michael cohen tapes

The shocking tape was played by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Michael Cohen was worried about doing the interview because he knew he’d get questions about the payments he made to Stormy Daniels herunterladen. He wanted Chris Cuomo to tell him what to say,” Carlson said.

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The audio bears this out, as Cuomo can be heard offering advice to Cohen on what to say, revealing questions the CNN anchor would ask beforehand, how to respond to said questions, and even doing a mock interview exchange as a dress rehearsal herunterladen.


Make Some Phone Calls

“‘You will be asked that,’ Chris Cuomo allegedly told Michael Cohen, and you can say, ‘I did it for him, for Donald Trump gadgets windows 10 downloaden. My relationship has always been for him. I’ve always said I don’t speak for the campaign, I speak for him as his attorney,'” Carlson explained to viewers filezilla files cannot be downloaded.

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Cuomo goes on to suggest what Cohen should say was the motive (protect Trump) and how he should respond to allegations that the payments were shady (media bias) kostenlos pferde spiele herunterladen.

Is Trump going to win in 2020?


The two engage in a warm-up interview before Cuomo explains that the fully fake interview would not land Cohen in any legal “trouble.”

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He’d make sure of that trecker games download for free.

“How do you get in trouble? You don’t get in trouble legally. I’ll ask … I’m going to make some phone calls on that and make sure that you can’t get f***ed,” he tells the corrupt lawyer musik herunterladen apps.


Cuomo is a Complete Fraud chris cuomo michael cohen tapes

What a remarkable level of courtesy on Cuomo’s behalf bubble spiele kostenlos downloaden. It’s almost as if he’s willing to help out the sleazeball Cohen as long as they are able to set up a completely fake conversation between the two youtube video herunterladen ohne app.

Honestly, at this point, Cuomo, the younger brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, has an absolute stranglehold on the fake news industry.

And Tucker is quite content in exposing him as a fraud.

In April, Cuomo was leveled by Carlson after he was caught staging a segment showing him emerging from his basement quarantine.

Turned out – by his own admission – he had been out in public a week earlier, breaking social distancing requirements, and got into an altercation with a “loser, fat tire biker” that required a police report filing.


Cuomo was also recently caught using statistics from the Obama administration as a means to ‘prove’ President Trump is responsible for “systemic racism.”


Staged fake news appears to be a staple on Cuomo’s show. But then, it’s also a staple of his network.

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