Lawyer For Student Accused of Faking Hate Crime: ‘It’s Not Fair’ If She Gets Kicked Out of School

It appears suddenly, that at least one of the three women accused of fabricating a racially motivated hate crime at SUNY Albany is concerned about fairness.

The lawyer of Ariel Agudio, one of the three involved and now charged with assault and falsifying a report, claims that if she gets kicked out of school it would be unfair.

Fairness didn’t apply to the student who was wrongfully accused in the attack, and subsequently threatened by the NFL-playing brother of one of the women. Nor did fairness apply to the entire student body at the university who would have had to acknowledge their ‘white privilege’ and make amends for the ‘20 white people‘ that were alleged to have beaten the women, and hurled racial slurs at them.

No, fairness now only applies to the women who made up the story. The ones caught in video evidence repeatedly assaulting multiple victims. The ones who actually hurled the racial slurs according to witnesses.

All three women were set to attend a school disciplinary hearing early this morning. As of this moment, two of them – Asha Burwell, and Ariel Agudio – have said they will not appear.

Why? Because they still feel they’re the ones being victimized. And they’re not letting up on the race card either, despite the truth indicating they’re the actual racists in this incident.

Yesterday, a letter issued on behalf of two of the women claimed the University is “seek(ing) a pound of flesh” and says they’re about to “perform an academic lynching.”

Agudio’s lawyer, Mark Mischler, said that his client will remain at SUNY Albany, but will not attend the disciplinary hearing.

Then, he actually said this: “We anticipate her getting kicked out, and that’s not fair.”

That’s not fair.

Spare us the lectures on fairness, especially in light of the fact you’re defending a woman who fabricated a hate crime that had the potential to turn the city of Albany into another Baltimore. That would have had implications on the jobs and careers of students and faculty members alike. (Black Lives Matter had immediately held protests demanding change in the form of hiring minority faculty and providing sensitivity training for University police.) That would have damaged the community for years to come.

What these women did – That’s not fair.

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