Lawmaker Drafting Bill to Defund the United Nations

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R) has announced that he is drafting legislation that would defund the United Nations until they rescind a resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

He also revealed that the bill would halt US funds going to any nation that recognizes Palestine as an independent state.

“They (the United Nations) don’t need our help to be anti-Semitic,” Gohmert said.

The congressman went on to blast the Obama administration’s role in the anti-Israel resolution saying the White House tends to support “bullies over victims.”

Israel is “the only place Muslims have complete freedom in the Middle East,” he explained.

Via Breitbart:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) stated he is working on a bill to take away funding from the UN until they rescind their resolution on Israeli settlements, and “they don’t need our help to be anti-Semitic.”

Gohmert said he had a bill in the works that he hoped to have drafted by Friday that would do two things, “one, we don’t give a dime to the UN until they rescind that resolution. And people are saying, oh, they’ll never do that. Fine, they don’t need our help to be anti-Semitic. And then the other is, to prevent even one dime, making it a crime to use any government money to recognize Palestine as an independent country or state, because that’s what I keep hearing is going to be the next shoe to drop.”

Gohmert pointed out that the country Obama has “given more money than anybody” is Iran, a nation whose leaders repeatedly taunt Israel and threaten with ‘wiping off the map.’

If you recall, the Obama administration flew unmarked pallets of foreign currency – a ransom – to Iran at the same time Iran released American hostages that were being held by Tehran.

Congress needs to get behind Gohmert’s bill and put the United Nations, along with the Obama administration, in their proper place.


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