EARHARDT: “What did you make of Susan Rice’s comments.”

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PARONTO: “I — I threw up in my mouth a little bit, filling the arms with —“ [crosstalk]

EARHARDT: “Why? Why?”

PARONTO: “Because she — she has no credibility. I don’t know how people continue to believe her. I don’t know how she even has the ability to get — well, I know she has — has the ability to get out there and just — just speak with nonsense. But for people to actually believe her — and then you have the other news networks that are defending her. It’s sick —“


HENRY: “They are saying it’s fake news, that there is no Susan Rice —“


PARONTO: “Oh, my gosh! She — she was caught in a lie with PBS. And then she came on —“

HENRY: “A month ago.”

PARONTO: “I didn’t — I didn’t know anything. Oh, wait a second, yes I did know something.”

HENRY: “I knew something but I didn’t leak it.”

PARONTO: “You know what? Double talk, half-truths that’s still lies. Within a veterans community, within rangers, SEALs, marines there is no such thing as a half true; it’s a lie or it’s not a lie.”