KRAUTHAMMER: “Well, especially today, I have to go with Barack Obama. I know it’s not surprising.”

BREAM: “Surprising that the president tops Charles Krauthammer’s naughty list for 2016.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “The guy has 8 years to enact his agenda. He twice wins so he has two mandates and yet at the very last minute when he has lost legitimacy when is he a lame duck he leaves last minute land mines behind, things he could never have done when he was still an active politician in the sense that he had to protect himself or the party. He shuts down the Arctic and the Atlantic for oil and gas drilling exploration and he stabs Israel in the back just as a Cota. I give him the lump of coal. He is sort of retired for the next 8 years. The lump of coal will help him to light the fires during his years of civilian life.”

BREAM: “Is he not a fan of coal as we have come to learn over the last 8 years.”

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KRAUTHAMMER: “That’s true.”