A blank billboard was vandalized in Kentucky recently with the clear anti-gun liberal message – ‘Kill the NRA.’

Leftists are now openly advocating for people to go out and commit acts of violence against members of the National Rifle Association.

We defy any gun-grabbing, Second Amendment-loathing lunatic to name the NRA members involved in any of these mass shootings. Facts, as John Adams once said, are stubborn things.

That didn’t stop a group known as ‘Resist 45’ (which is roughly 40 higher than any of their members can count) from painting the message on a billboard along I-65 in Louisville.


The group has been branding several blank billboards in the area with the name ‘Resist 45.’

This is the first time they have called on people to kill law-abiding citizens, however.


The NRA isn’t taking the threat lying down, posting a picture of the billboard and issuing an ominous warning to their members.

“This is a wakeup call,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. “They’re coming after us.”


We are just months removed from a deranged leftist shooting at Republican lawmakers on a softball field in Virginia. And we now live in an environment where leftists in the media are openly cheerleading kids who call the NRA “child murderers.”


They won’t rest until someone from the NRA or someone from the Republican Party is intentionally targeted (again).

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