Ken Paxton: Trump Had More Impact on Illegal Immigration in the Last 4-5 Months in Any President I’ve Ever Seen



>> Welcome back or Texas following a brief with the Supreme Court in support of the temporary travel ban on six majority Muslim countries. Just a part of the 16 state coalition. Urging the justices to reinstate the president’s executive order. The attorney general of the lone star state taking the leadrole in this effort he joins me right now live from Dallas. Thank you for joining us sir.
>> Good to be back thank you MARIA.
>> The states are pushing back and pushing against Donald Trump’s everything. How will you be successful here?
PAXTON: How about the law? We think we are actually right in the law, the federal law clearly gives the president authority to do this. His travel ban is right in line with the statute. So we are confident that the court actually follows federal law, the president will be just fine.
>> Because you know is incredibleis that this success of the presence has had already on this issue and have immigration and deportation. The number of people trying to come to America when I was way down. Already we have seen an impact from this president talking points. Without even executive order.
PAXTON: “I can tell you as a Texan we deal with this issue every day. We’ve been dealing with it for years.We begged for help from the government and this president has more impact on illegal immigration in the last four or five months in any president I’ve ever seen.”
>> Tells what it is like at the border. There you are in Texas really seeing things firsthand. Can you give us a sense of what is going on at the border in terms of understanding who is coming in and who is going out? And the vetting process?
>> Our public safety officials through statistics, they do statistics on the border and has been a significant problem. We have over 500,000 crimes over the last five years from sexual assault, drugs and what’s great about this policy and plans for the future is starting to cut down on the crimes.Also significantly impacting illegal immigration in Texas.
>> This filing, the grief that you filed in Texas with the Supreme Court – give us the background in terms of why you believe that you want to support the travel ban and you urging the justices toreinstate the travel ban?
>> We have been frustrated with this issue for years. We asked the Obama Administration to deal with the vetting process. Had refugees from terrorist like countries come into our state. We’ve know nothing about them. We actually filed a lawsuit about this and we were told that the federal government has control over the issue. Now that someone is actually doing something about it, thepresident now settled there is a limitation on who has the ability to do that.
>> When you said you have these people coming into your state and we knew nothing about them.Explain that. What do you mean you know nothing about them? Do not know who is coming in and out of Texas?
>> We have these Syrian refugee program. We knew nothing about them, there was no bedding that we were told about. We were asking for information, the governor actually pulled out of the refugee program and these people were still coming but we did not want to be complacent and participating in a program where we knew nothing about people coming from a terrorist country and that is why we pulled out.
>> What you’re saying is extraordinaire. That you know nothing about, you tried to pull out of therefugee program but they were flooding in any way. Who is in charge?
>> Federal government is in charge. And these private organizations help them resettle. Texas participated for a long time but when we realize we had no control over knowing who these people were, the risk associated with it, the government did not feel like in good conscience he couldsupport the programs. We pulled us that we would not be complacent in helping potential terrorists come to the state.
>> Is an incredible that this travel ban was supposed be only 90 days but had they just gone with it for the 90 days it would be over. And we would be moving forward. And beyond this at this point.How do you think this plays out? A timeline as far as getting the justices attention on this.
>> I’m pretty sure they will hear it. Usually when the justice Department asked for this you will get the hearing. It was amazing in this case is that there been 44 travel ban’s since Jimmy Carter. And these are the first to to be stopped or challenged.
>> It is incredible. Thank you for joining us Ken paxton.
>> Thank you.

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