Kayleigh McEnany: The Only One Who Needs To Be Looking at the 25th Amendement Is ‘Nancy Pelosi Herself’


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EARHARDT: “Okay, so Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think he’s doing well, thinks the medicine is making him a little crazy, so she’s creating this commission to evaluate the President’s mental and physical fitness using the 25th Amendment. This is what she said.”

[clip starts]

PELOSI: “I think that the public needs to know the health condition of the President. There’s one question that he refuses — they refuse to answer: When was — before he got the virus and admitted to it, when was his last negative test? When was his last negative test To make a judgment about the actions that were taken after that? Tomorrow by the way, tomorrow, come here tomorrow, we will be talking about the 25th Amendment, but not to take attention away from the subject we had now.”

[clip ends]

EARHARDT: “The 25th Amendment says that the President can’t do his job, then the Vice President would resume the powers. What do you say about that?”

McENANY: “You know, that’s an absurd proposition from Nancy Pelosi. The only one who needs to be looking at the 25th Amendment is Nancy Pelosi herself. She had that bizarre interview on ABC a few weeks ago where in the middle of it, after she suggested using impeachment to make sure that Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t get on the court, impeachment of the president of the United States for carrying out his constitutional interview, in the middle of the interview she blurts out, ‘Good morning, good Sunday morning.’ So maybe she’s projecting here because the 25th Amendment, no reason for it to be considered with regard to the President of the United States, but maybe for Nancy Pelosi herself.”

KILMEADE: “Any chance of getting that debate on track with the President accepting a virtual debate with cameras and monitors in each camp from the other camp?”

McENANY: “Brian, the President has no interest in a virtual debate. I mean we’ve seen Joe Biden, he could barely keep up on the debate stage last time, and now putting him in a forum where he’d have access to maybe teleprompters, who knows, the President certainly wouldn’t be there to hold him accountable. It’s not a fair format. And for the commission on presidential debates, which is more like commission to reelect Joe Biden, announce this at 7:30 yesterday morning with no input from the campaigns, it just shows they’re doing the bidding work of the Democrat Party.”

KILMEADE: “Kayleigh, glad to see you’re asymptomatic. Thanks so much.”

McENANY: “Thank you guys.”

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