Katko: Why I Voted Against GOP Healthcare Bill 

Via Syracuse Post:

With the healthcare debate center-stage in Washington, I would like to take the opportunity to outline my position on the Obamacare repeal effort as it moves to the Senate.

The core of my viewpoint has been clear since I began running for Congress: Obamacare is deeply and systemically flawed, and left untouched it will collapse under its own weight with dire consequences for Central New York families and healthcare providers. For all of Obamacare’s many faults, a repeal without a viable replacement would pull the rug out from under millions of Americans and worsen conditions in an already failing healthcare marketplace. That’s why I have long maintained that we cannot repeal Obamacare without a viable replacement ready to take its place.

Our nation’s elected leaders have a duty to fix the underlying issues in our healthcare system, but with an industry as complex, large, and important as the health sector, replacement legislation has to be carefully considered and it has to be done right. I remain optimistic that Congress will eventually reach agreement on legislation that repeals Obamacare, while fully replacing it with a set of reforms that fix the big problems it caused.

Last week, the House of Representatives voted on legislation that repeals significant parts of Obamacare and creates a tax credit program to aid the purchase of insurance by individuals and families. In taking this vote, I subjected the legislation to the same question that I have every other Obamacare repeal bill that has come before Congress: Does it both repeal and replace Obamacare? After fully reading the bill and repeatedly analyzing its provisions, I determined that the answer is no.

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