Citing no evidence to support her claims, comedienne Kathy Griffin complained on social media that she’s been placed on a ‘kill list’ and is the target of “constant death threats.”

Things “have not gotten better for me,” she complained herunterladen.

“In fact, I just found out I’m on a brand new ‘Kill List,'” Griffin continued. “Constant death threats and threats of violence toward me in very specific ways.”

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To be clear, nobody should condone such actions herunterladen.

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Griffin may have issued her own threat of violence when she posted a faux ‘beheading’ of the President, but she does not deserve threats of this nature ride it herunterladen.

Quite frankly, ignoring her talentless shtick is the best way to deal with D-list entertainment.

But it’s hard to take somebody seriously when they immediately delve into conspiracy theories kostenlos videoen youtube. Which Griffin does, by saying Trump and the ‘alt-right media’ are behind the threats.

“Trump, and his game criminals, and the right leaning alt-right media have not let up on me,” she claimed herunterladen und herunterladen.

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Yes, because President Trump is sending threats of violence and creating ‘kill lists’ for low-level Hollywood twits like Griffin.


This isn’t the first time Griffin has gone full-blown, tin foil hat-wearing wingnut on us herunterladen.

Appearing recently on the family-friendly show ‘The View,’ Griffin said of the President “f*** him,” then claimed Trump was personally behind the Secret Service decision to investigate her for “conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States.”


In that same interview, Griffin claimed theaters she was performing at were receiving death threats herunterladen.

Perhaps President Trump was phoning those in as well?

Do you believe Griffin when she says she was placed on a ‘kill list?’ Share your thoughts below!

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