Kamala Harris’ Tells Ridiculous Story About Wanting ‘Fweedom’ As a Toddler – Gets Accused of Plagiarism

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris landed in hot water when she was accused of plagiarism for a tale she told Elle Magazine about wanting “fweedom” as a child.

In Harris’s story, she tells Elle how she started her “life’s work” at a very young age.

So young, in fact, that at a civil rights march she apparently fell out of her stroller. What’s worse – the adults kept on marching, oblivious to the fallen child.

“At some point, she fell from the stroller (few safety regulations existed for children’s equipment back then), and the adults, caught up in the rapture of protest, just kept on marching,” Elle writes.

“By the time they noticed little Kamala was gone and doubled back, she was understandably upset.”

Harris explains, “My mother tells the story about how I’m fussing, and she’s like, �?Baby, what do you want? What do you need?’ And I just looked at her and I said, ‘Fweedom.’”

amazing that baby Kamala Harris talking about “Fweedom” went on to become a cop pic.twitter.com/A9Os20ieqe

— Siraj Hashmi (@SirajAHashmi) January 4, 2021


Harris’ Struggle For “Fweedom” Sounds Familiar

Despite the utter absurdity of a story involving a child falling out of a stroller and none of the adults noticing that it happened, coupled with her struggle for “fweedom,” none of this apparently stuck out to the media.

The Elle interview was published in early October and nary a member of the media called it out for further scrutiny.

Imagine for a moment an interview in which President Trump claimed he fell out of his stroller as a child and his parents came rushing back asking what he needed, to which he responded, “Make Amewica Gweat Again.”

You can bet your a** the media would have been all over him for such a tall tale, and rightly so.

holy shit it’s real.https://t.co/0HKZlCkFaJ pic.twitter.com/20RMRmWpwK

— tsar becket adams (@BecketAdams) January 4, 2021


Even putting that aside, the media apparently didn’t bother questioning the story at all because, three months later, after the election, somebody finally figured out that Harris’ story appears to have been plagiarized from one of the most quoted men in American history – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Twitter user @EngelsFreddie and Andray Domise, contributing editor of the Canadian publication Maclean’s, noted that Harris’ story resembled one told by King in a 1965 interview published in Playboy,” Fox News reports.

Here is MLK’s story:

I never will forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little Negro girl, seven or eight years old, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. “What do you want?” the policeman asked her gruffly, and the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered, “Fee-dom.” She couldn’t even pronounce it, but she knew. It was beautiful! Many times when I have been in sorely trying situations, the memory of that little one has come into my mind, and has buoyed me.

It should be noted that the stories are not word-for-word identical, but the theme is very, very similar.

So it turns out Kamala Harris lifted her “Fweedom” story from a 1965 Playboy interview with Martin Luther King, by Alex Haley. Much thanks to @EngelsFreddie for spotting the similarityhttps://t.co/zDONW4Ueqs pic.twitter.com/yQuWZHYEMz

— Q. Anthony (ɔpɛ asem) (@andraydomise) January 4, 2021


Kamala Harris is Called Out For Plagiarism

It didn’t take long for social media users to pounce at the obvious similarities.

Seth Mandel, executive editor of Washington Examiner Magazine said, “Plagiarizing an MLK interview seems like the kind of thing you’ll get caught on.”

The mockery continued unabated.

Really looking forward to Kamala Harris’s ‘I have a dream” speech at the inaugural

— Tristan Johnson (@TristanPEJ) January 4, 2021

Guess we know why Biden chose his running mate. He saw a lot of his own plagiarism in her.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) January 4, 2021

No one is shocked and no one in the MSM will cover it.

Kamala Harris’s Childhood Story About Calling For �?Fweedom’ Is Almost Identical To A Story Told By MLK – The Daily Caller https://t.co/l6UJju6ZwJ

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 5, 2021


Indeed, President-elect Joe Biden was considered a strong candidate for president in 1988 when he first announced a run for the White House, but was derailed by accusations of plagiarism.

Biden was accused again in June of 2019 of plagiarizing his campaign’s climate platform.

You mean he plagiarized it just like he did in law school and from speeches of other politicians that forced him to drop out of his 1988 run for President?

Sounds like a familiar theme for him. #LyingBiden https://t.co/oUOZE6SiMb https://t.co/Jnqa8RmboT

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 5, 2019


Seems Kamala Harris is simply following in Biden’s footsteps regarding plagiarism.

And why not, when both Democrats know they will never be asked to address their transgressions.

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