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Kamala Harris Suddenly Adopts a Little Southern Accent While Rallying in Georgia For Democrats

Were President Trump's four years in office a success?


Kamala Harris went the Hillary Clinton route in adopting a brand new fake southern accent in order to pander to voters in Georgia.

HARRIS: “Look at what is happening right now in this state. We’re looking across the country at so much devastation. People who have lost family members, lost time being able to go to work, lost time in terms of our children’s education and the days of their education they have missed. There has been so much loss these years. And in particular this year, we’re looking here in Georgia at the fact that one in seven families is describing their household as being hungry. We’re in the midst of a hunger crisis in America, and it is hitting Georgia hard. One in seven describing hunger in their households. One in six Georgia families are describing an inability or difficulty to pay rent. One in four small businesses in Georgia have gone out of business or are about to go out of business.”

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