Just How Big Was the ‘Mother of All Bombs?’ – THIS Big!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to explain the actual impact of such military events as we saw recently, when the United States dropped a 21,000 lb. MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) on ISIS militants in Afghanistan.

Especially to leftists who would rather see fighter jets drop tea and lollipops to these terrorists.

Every now and again you have to put it in terms they can understand.

So how big of a bomb was the MOAB exactly?

This big …

Whoa! That really is a hell of a bomb!

All kidding aside, the use of the MOAB on a network of ISIS caves has been rendered a resounding success. Nearly 100 militant bodies have been pulled from the rubble, while there were no civilian casualties reported.

By contrast, Hillary’s campaign was more of a fizzle.

But heck, it’s a lot of fun making a comparison that you know will have liberal heads spinning. LOL!

HT: The Federalist Papers

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