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Junior ROTC Student Who Helped Save Fellow Students: If Coach Feis Had Had His Gun, He Could Have Stopped the Shooter


Rachel: Incredible story of courage in the face of certain danger.

Griff: Our next guest is being hailed a hero in the Florida tragedy after ushering about 90 of his classmates into rotc training room and covering them with bullet-proof kevlar sheets.

Pete: Quick-thinking teen armed himself with pieces of wood, two by four and fire extinguisher waiting for the gunman to enter ready to fight.

Rachel: Colton HBO a junior rotc major Douglas stone man high school joins us from parkland with his story. Welcome, coalton, I don’t Colton, wheredescrut wherewithal to think about doing this and protecting your fellow students in such a tragic situation?

>> First of all, I would like to say good morning.

Pete: Good morning.

>> Personally for me, everything is about your mind set in a horrific situation like this. If you are not able to be able to defend yourself and make sure that everyone around you gets home safe, then you could possibly end up a victim. So, for me, my main goal was to make sure that everyone got home safe to their families, so I got as many people as I could into that classroom and then from there I just tried to arm myself and be ready are to the worst.

Pete: You were not alerted by an alarm. You were alerted by seven gunshots, you counted, you herd them close enough to be heard. When you were taking these immediate actions, you were anticipating the shooter could be coming to your classroom next. What actions did you take specifically in that classroom?

>> So, as soon as I heard the seven gunshots, I immediately turned around. I had closed the door. Ran into the second rotc room where we have the 90 people we had brought. In from there I just wanted to make sure that everyone got into the classroom safely. We lined them up into the wall and along the back of the wall as well as into a utility closet that we had in the room. From there I was standing with my first sergeant and I said first sergeant of arms, these are kevlar. These are bullet proof material let’s move these in front of everybody. He agreed to do that and me and my fellow friend zac waltz who is also a rotc can cadet we started moving the kevlar sheets forward.

Griff: This debate is now emerging about gun once campus. Do you believe that’s something that we should be looking at?

>> Absolutely. Unfortunately, gun control it’s definitely needed a little bit more. I don’t think that we’re going to get gun control in such a quick enough response. I believe that if we did bring firearms on campus to teachers that are willing to carry their firearm on campus, if they got their correct training for it I think that would be a big beneficial factor into school safety just because, I mean, if coach feis had had his firearm in school that day, I believe that he could have most likely stopped the threat.

Rachel: Coach feis was a security guard as well as the coach of the team. I understanding you actually saw the coach, maybe seconds before he passed away or at some point during this tragedy. Tell us about that.

>> Yes, ma’am, as I was listening to the gunshots fired. I looked to my left to see if I could see the shooter possibly. Did I see coach feis on hesitate golf cart headed toward the freshman building.

Rachel: He was going to help people?

>> Yes, ma’am. He was like that. Very selfless. Always wanted to help somebody.

Pete: His story is so powerful. Colton, you talk about a mind set. After you put those kevlar shields up for your classmates, you and some others grabbed two by fours and fire extinguishers, ultimately what are normally not weapons became weapons in that moment. Talk about what you were prepared to do and also, you say you want to Internet military at some point. What is part of your mind set that made you prepared for that situation?

>> So, once we had had the kevlar sheets in place, we grabbed the two by fours and the fire extinguisher, so my plan was to have my plan Zachery, he had a second two by four and we had tipped two tables up. That was his cover. I was along the wall next to the door. So if that door had opened. My plan was to strike the individual and then another friend of mine, his name was John Carlo Carrera. I gave him the fire extinguishers, spray shah door get as much as fire extinguisher out so it disorients him. At that point I asked him to please roll me the fire extinguisher I could use as it a weapon.

Griff: Colton, I applaud your actions and quick thinking and you have a younger brother. He’s okay?

>> Yes, sir. He’s okay. He was actually in the same building as I was on the second floor of it. He originally had heard the gunshots, thought that the gunman was actually coming up the stairs that he was going down. So he immediately turned around and hightailed it back to his classroom where he had an issue getting in. But he finally did get in.

Pete: Colton, I think I speak for a lot of the people. I’m grateful I live in a country where guys like are you willing to do what you do right now. You said you wants to join the Marines or coast guard. Thank you for your mind set and courage that day. You were prepared to give your life for other people. No higher calling. Rachel: Inspiration of leadership. Thank you, Colton.

Pete: Thank you, God bless you.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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