Judge Warns Of CHAOS If Hillary Is NOT Indicted

While America anxiously awaits the FBI’s results in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information – wondering if she will ever face criminal charges – one man is explaining what will happen should she not be indicted.

And it still doesn’t look good for the former Secretary of State.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, who recently stated that “the evidence of her (Hillary’s) guilt is overwhelming,” claims that if she isn’t held accountable for her crimes, it would still be “catastrophic” for her candidacy.

How catastrophic?

Napolitano believes “she will be replaced on the Democratic ticket.”

The judge lays out this scenario (via the Daily Caller):

The “publicly known evidence of her guilt is overwhelming,” Napolitano claimed.

“If the Democrats that run the Justice Department decide that she’s not going to be indicted because she’s about to become or will have become the Democratic nominee for president, can you imagine what the reaction will be?” he continued. “The FBI will release the evidence against her, much of which is already publicly known.”

“I believe that FBI agents, perhaps the director himself, James Comey, will resign and President Obama will be confronted during his last six months in office with a crisis not unlike Richard Nixon’s during the so-called ‘Saturday night massacre’ in Watergate where people resigned rather than doing what the president asked them to do.”

According to Napolitano, “that will have a catastrophic effect on Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. Probably so catastrophic that she will be replaced on the Democratic ticket.”

Watch his breakdown if the case below …


Judge Napolitano recently laughed out loud at Hillary’s suggestion that the FBI is merely conducting a “security review” and not a serious investigation.

“This is about as serious an investigation as there could be… The FBI does not do security assessments, the State Department does. The FBI does criminal investigations,” he explained.

He added that regardless of the outcome, the FBI needs to reveal their findings fairly soon.

“The American public and the Democratic Party need to know if they’re about to nominate someone who might be a defendant in a criminal prosecution,” Napolitano said.

Could we actually see Hillary indicted for her handling of classified information? Even if we don’t, will the results be ‘catastrophic’ for the Clinton campaign?

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