A New Mexico judge has released suspects charged in a case involving child abuse and a suspected terrorist training compound following arguments from the defense that they were victims of Islamaphobia desktop wallpapers.

The two men and three women involved were arrested for child abuse after they were found living on a compound with 11 starving children in “third world” conditions pdf acrobaten. They each were charged with 11 counts of child abuse as each of the children were found to be extremely malnourished.

The body of a three-year-old boy, one of the defendant’s children, was located on the premises herunterladen.

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Prosecutors believe the compound served as a training facility to teach the children how to carry out school shootings.

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So you have a dead child, multiple children who were abused, connections to Islamic extremists, and a letter saying they wanted to be martyrs de sims 3 downloaden gratis nederlands.

Despite that evidence, the defense took the tactic of saying it was racial profiling and Islamaphobia that had authorities in an uproar.

CNN reports, “A lawyer for one of the five adults … (said) the defendants were following religious rituals that might be viewed in a different light if they were white Christians instead of black Muslims.”

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Had the suspects been Christian and white he argued, “we might not be here today.”

Oh, I don’t know netflix herunterladen mac. Waco comes to mind, and I don’t think there was a particular racial or Muslim angle to government’s response.

The judge however, would later rule in their favor saying the suspected terrorist trainers posed no threat to the community videos für powerpoint herunterladen.


“The state wants me to make a leap and it’s a large leap,” Judge Sarah Backus said, “and that would be to hold people in jail without bond based on — again — troubling facts but I didn’t hear any choate plan that was being alleged by the state.”

Worse, she chalked up the abuse of children as simply living in “unconventional ways.”

“What I’ve heard here today is troubling, definitely,” Backus said audible hörbuch downloaden pc. “Troubling facts about numerous children in far from ideal circumstances and individuals who are living in a very unconventional way — although if you have lived in northern New Mexico for any period of time you are aware that many people here live in unconventional ways.”

Imagine for a moment that this was a compound run by NRA members or instructors, teaching children how to defend themselves against school shooters herunterladen.

There would be media coverage on a daily basis about how they’d abused the children by teaching them how to shoot. CNN would have a string of child psychologist on with each segment discussing the trauma these children had endured herunterladen. And a judge most assuredly would have held them while they were on trial.

Backus instead set bail at $20,000 for each suspect.


It should be noted that one of the suspects, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, is the son of a 68-year-old Brooklyn imam of the same name, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The elder Wahhaj has a rich history of stoking extremism outside the WTC bombing and is a mentor to Women’s March founder Linda Sarsour.

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