Judge Jeanine on FISA Abuse Memo: McCabe Needs To Be Taken out in Cuffs


>> We have the host of justice. Judge Jeanine Pirro and Sarah Carter and Sebastian Gorka. You are breaking new news about Andrew Mccabe. Let’s start there.

>> What we know tonight is that FBI director Christopher WRAY went Sunday and reviewed the 4-page FISA memo. The next day Andrew Mccabe was asked to resign. He was planning on resigning in March. That came out in December. This time they asked him to go right away. You are coming into the office. He didn’t even come for the morning meeting.

>> Tucker: A source told me when WRAY read this is shocked him to his core?

>> And not only that. The inspector general’s report, there are indicates that Mccabe may have asked FBI agents to change their 302s. Those are interviews with witnesses. Every time an FBI interviews a witness they have to file that report.

>> Tucker: That would be obstruction of justice?

>> Exactly. This is something the inspector general is investigating. If this is true, Mccabe would be fired.

>> Tucker: Sebastian Gorka, taking this all in. It’s kind of for some it’s hard to believe. Now that the evidence has been mounting and mounting and one smoking gun after another.

>> It has to be put in the context of the history of our great nation. Remember, why was America created? It was created because of the use of power by a leader thousands of miles away. That’s why America was created. It was about a tea tax and stationing troops on private property without permission. This is 100 times bigger. This is our government spying on political adversaries. This is federal law enforcement officials obstructing justice. You listed all of the things Clinton and her team did. The FBI destroyed the laptops that were part of the Clinton investigation. Who gave that order?

>> Tucker: Who has an exoneration before an investigation?

>> Right.

>> Tucker: J, you are great on the law. Break this down.

PIRRO: What we’re seeing here is what we would expect to see in a 3rd world country. A political party is using their justice system to not only surveil individuals but to change the course of a presidential election. This is not just some case where people were playing around with statements trying to get them to change statements. This is about changing the course of American history by using the most powerful weapon we have in the justice system, the FBI. I have been saying from the beginning, this guy needs to be taken out and cuffed. They should not be paid by the American people. He should not dictate when he is going to live. Sean, you said Christopher WRAY was shocked when he read that 4-page memo. How could he be shocked? He is the head of the FBI. Everything that you and I have seen that we have been talking about for the last years something that has been corroborated. Now he is shocked? Why are they shocked on the day before the public is going to get this see this information?

>> Tucker: I won’t disagree with you.

>> They knew about it. They are caught with their hands in the cookie jar and say make Mccabe go.

>> Tucker: The reason this will be coming out and I am glad the White House told me they will deliberate and take it seriously. The state of the union tomorrow. I hope we will see this Wednesday night or Thursday. They are doing the right thing. This is not a game. We are talking about people’s lives and potential crimes and people going to jail. More importantly, and the scary party of this, is that we have now weaponized the powerful tools of intelligence. FISA is important because that’s our government spying on citizens. This Hillary Clinton bought and paid for dossier was the foundation to do this. Wow!

>> It was a shoddy foundation.

>> Tucker: It was a presidential election.

>> An elected president of the United States voted for by the people of this country. Sean, this is bigger than anything anybody can imagine.

>> Tucker: This makes Watergate like stealing a snicker’s bar?

>> Absolutely. This is why there were so many whistleblowers. They were going to the inspector general. We broke those stories last year.

>> Tucker: Of course.

>> The Obama Administration violated the laws. This is where it all started.

>> Tucker: Dr. Sebastian Gorka?

>> There is a special reason why America doesn’t have a KGB or an mi-5. People after 9-11 said we need to spy on Americans. We said no. We just heard that the Obama Administration used the intelligence communicate for political purposes.

>> Tucker: And for a bought and paid for dossier of lies.

>> One thing we have to worry about going forward. High hat is off to Sarah Carter and all of those guys. We need a prosecutor in the Justice Department. Not Rod Rosenstein who right now is in the middle of this.

>> We need a special yesterday.

>> What is everyone waiting for, Sean?

>> Sean: I don’t know. I don’t know. We are part of a small group of people. I will add Soloman and?

>> Ferrel.

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