Perhaps a little break from today’s world news and political events for our readers to enjoy a funny and cute story from a traffic court in Providence, Rhode Island microsoft office 2016 mac kostenlos downloaden.

Judge Frank Caprio, who has served on Rhode Island’s Providence Municipal Court for over 30 years, likes to bring children of defendants into the process amazon album herunterladen ohne app. He’ll ask them questions and offer advice according to local reports.

A recent case saw him go a step further – he asked the little boy of a defendant answering for a parking violation to pick his Dad’s punishment wie kann man lieder von youtube kostenlos herunterladen.

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Caprio gave three choices, two of which involved a fine, and one which would allow his Dad’s ticket to be dismissed.

To everyone’s surprise, the boy fined his Dad glücksbringer kostenlos downloaden!

Via USA Today:

When a father showed up for a traffic violation, Caprio went a step further, asking the defendant’s five-year-old son, Jacob, to help him with his ruling herunterladen.

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“I have three choices,” Caprio told Jacob. “I can fine him $90, I can charge him $30 or I can charge him nothing. What do you think I should do?”

After a long pause young Jacob came up with a surprising answer mydrive daten herunterladen.


For Caprio and his courtroom it was a cute surprise that had them all laughing.

But the judge had a wonderful solution to the whole situation consorsbank secure plus app. Take a look at what happened next …

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What a great story herunterladen! Not only will Dad learn his lesson, but his son will too, and they’ll both enjoy a little quality time together.

And of course, bacon will be involved, so that’s a win-win herunterladen!


This isn’t the first time Judge Caprio has employed such tactics as using children to help him make a ruling n64 emulator deutsch download kostenlos.

Check out this profile video on his work …


Certainly an unorthodox style, but one that promotes family values and actually cares about people’s situations before he makes a ruling.

Thumbs up, Judge Caprio!

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