Juan Williams: Kellyanne Deserves a Higher Promotion at the White House


PERINO: “She is right. Has anybody asked today if Sean Spicer with two young children is going to be able to do the Press Secretary job? No. Nobody asks that.”

WILLIAMS: “Let me tell you Kellyanne has said to me personally when she was saying that she wouldn’t go inside that it’s going to be very hard with four children and, in fact, I remember liberals were criticizing her for standing in the way of women who make that choice by saying, Kellyanne why are you using the children as a excuse not to go inside? Now it’s the right that saying, hey Juan Williams why are you mentioning that she has four children?”

PERINO: “I think that she will go into this job eyes wide open. We all have limited time on Earth and even less time as President of the United States. So you want yourself surrounded by the best people. They really get each other. I think she will be a huge asset and a net plus for him. She will figure out how to help her family. I think being at the White House will be an amazing experience for the entire family. I think they will find that.”

WILLIAMS: “I think. So she has just moved to Washington. She has a husband. She will get lots of help. She is the first woman, Republican or Democrat to run a winning campaign. I think she deserves some higher promotion I think this is great news for Kellyanne.”

PERINO: “She deserves more admiration than she is getting from the left. Even if they admire her from afar they have trouble voicing it. She does deserve that respect for sure.”

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