Jon Stewart Rips Cuomo’s Excuse For Tampering With Corruption Panel: “F*cking Ridiculous”

A new poll indicates that a mere 1% of voters in New York care about corruption and ethics when determining their choice of governor. Which explains quite a bit here in the Empire State. So it’s no surprise that Governor Cuomo has been hiding from the press after a report that had multiple sources confirm that his administration tampered with the Moreland Commission whenever they tried investigatinggroups with ties to Mr. Cuomo or on issues that might reflect poorly on him.”

But Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart may have mainstreamed the Governor’s scandal.  Cuomo has maintained that because it was an ethics panel he created, despite being independent, they could not investigate anybody with ties to the Governor.  A statement issued by the administration read in part, “A commission appointed by and staffed by the executive cannot investigate the executive.”

Stewart’s response?

You know that’s f*cking ridiculous, right?”

In a segment titled CSI: Cuomo Scandal Investigation, Stewart pointed out that when Cuomo came on the scene, many looked at him as a “corruption battling Attorney General.”  Numerous clips of the Governor repeatedly pledging to “clean up Albany” as he campaigned in 2010 were played.

That pledge to “clean up Albany” however, comes crashing down with the New York Times report.  To which Stewart replies, “Say it ain’t so, Andy.  Say it ain’t so.”

Shortly after that, Cuomo’s statement that he made the commission so he can what he wants with it clip is played, and Stewart’s “f*cking ridiculous” response follows.

Stewart adds, “You know the ‘I made it I can do what I want with it’ excuse only works for George Lucas, you know that right?’

He concludes with, “New York’s governors have two Halls – Shame and Fame.  And one of them is very crowded.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central…

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