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John Kennedy: ‘Christmas Ornaments, Drywall and Jeffrey Epstein … Three Things that Don’t Hang Themselves’


KENNEDY: “How can I put this? Christmas ornaments, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein — name three things that don’t hang themselves. That’s what the American people think. That’s what American people think. And they deserve some answers. And I know that you’re not in charge of these investigations —“

SAWYER: “Yes, sir.”

KENNEDY: “— but you talk to the people who are. And — and I need you to take a very respectful message today. Tell the American people what happened. And — and don’t rush it so that they don’t do a thorough investigation, but you and I both know they can make this a top priority and get it done more quickly than they normally would.”

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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