Former Sen. Jeff Flake, during a debate in New Hampshire, said he’d rather see a Democrat candidate capture the White House in 2020 than have President Trump reelected microsoft excel 2007 kostenlos vollversion deutsch.

Flake joined New York Times columnist Bret Stephens in supporting an ‘anybody but Trump’ position, articulating that the GOP should not renominate the man who took down Hillary Clinton in the first place ganze filmeen gratis.

Should Trump be the nominee, which of course, he will be, Flake believes it’d be better for the resistance party to win.

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“Are you willing to lose a cycle for the Republican Party because of the principles that you’re arguing?” the debate moderator asked herunterladen.

“Oh yes, yes,” Flake responded.

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Flake Explains

Flake and Stephens argued several points as to why Trump should not be the Republican nominee in 2020, including his efforts to find common ground with North Korean and Russian leaders, as well as his immigration policies books as pdf.

But, he claims, Trump’s support is going to wane over time, and people are eventually going to be turned off. He made this claim despite Trump’s approval rating recently hitting 50 percent in the face of two straight years of collusion witch hunts and media negativity photo editing program for free.

“It can galvanize people for a while, maybe for a cycle or two. But in the end, it turns people off. It turns off minorities. It turns off women,” Flake claimed, without evidence musik downloaden legal und kostenlos.

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“You sacrifice a generation, and you think, ‘Man, we might get some policy goals in the next year or two,'” he added. “Look at the long term herunterladen. Look at the long term, at what you’re doing for the party, because people don’t want to be associated with it.”

Trump’s tactics being off-putting is absolutely no reason to support a Democrat candidate, a fact Never Trumpers like Flake struggle with on a daily basis herunterladen. No matter what you think of the President, he has been pushing a strong conservative agenda, something you will never get from a radical leftist candidate adressen programm kostenlosen.

Flake Joins the Liberal Media

It’s almost as if the former Arizona Senator is trying to curry favor with his new media colleagues.

Flake signed with CBS earlier this year, rather than pursuing a challenge to Trump in a primary for 2020. He was recruited to work on a series of pieces that will search for common ground in the U.S.

Instead, he continues to alienate Trump supporters and the conservative movement. No surprise from a guy who once loosely compared Trump’s comments about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election to treason.

Flake is as appropriately named as anyone in the history of the U.S Congress.

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