Janice Dean: The Media Needs to Hold Gov. Cuomo Accountable Instead of Giving Him Awards

Janice Dean doesn’t believe that Gov. Andrew Cuomo deserves any awards for his performance during the coronavirus pandemic.



SMITH: “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to get an Emmy award for his leadership in the early days of the Coronavirus crisis by quote ‘effective use of television during the pandemic.’ In his daily briefings he was seen by some as a comforting voice in uncertain times. But many others have serious objections to how Cuomo handled the crisis saying some of his decisions cost lives. Our own Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws in the virus after Cuomo mandated that nursing homes Covid-19 patients released from hospitals went into long-term care. A difficult week for your family. Thanksgiving without your in-laws. What is your message this morning as you learn about this award the governor will be receiving?”

JANICE DEAN: “I didn’t think that the governor could make me more surprised after his leadership book, of course, was released over a month ago and he has been on a self-congratulations tour to all of the television and radio stations talking about his leadership and how he flattened the curve here in New York City as cases rise. My in-laws were on the curve he flattened. So it is jaw-dropping, insulting, sickening to see him accept an award for his leadership that we don’t have answers to when it comes to the Coronavirus patients going into nursing homes for 46 days because of his executive order.

SMITH: “We were showing beautiful loving pictures of your parents-in-law. They had a beautiful relationship and lives ended too soon. Here is Bruce praisener. The 111 daily briefings worked well because he created television shows with plot lines and stories of success and failure. People around the world tuned in to find out what was going on and New York tough became a symbol of the determination to fight back. I’ll let you respond to that, Janice, by first asking you as you’ve been on this journey trying to speak up for your in-laws but also others who lost loved ones due to this, have you gotten any response from Governor Cuomo at all?”

DEAN: “No. I did get a response from his office in an interview that I did on Friday and his office asked when my husband’s parents died, the exact dates and what nursing homes they were in. That’s the only responsive owe ever gotten and to me that’s a question of prove it to us that your husband’s parents died. How insulting. Now, I have never received word from the governor or any condolences from his office or an administration. That goes for the thousands of other families that are going through Thanksgiving now without their loved ones thanks in part to the governor’s leadership. I don’t know if I would take a phone call from him right now to be honest with you, Sandra.”

SMITH: “Janice, you were expected to testify. I know that you were expected to testify specifically on the investigation into his handling of the nursing home policy. Then you were prevented from doing so. What happened?”

DEAN: “I was invited. I was supposed to be part of one of two of their hearings in August in Albany. And I heard on a Friday that I was disinvited because they were uncomfortable with my testimony. I later spoke to some GOP leaders via zoom but it wasn’t the same as getting my testimony written up and put into the law. We’re still trying to get an independent bipartisan investigation into his Covid pandemic response and putting Covid patients into nursing homes and we still don’t have the exact total number of deaths from seniors that got Coronavirus in their elder care facilities but died in the hospital like my mother-in-law.” janice dean cuomo awards

SMITH: “I know you are quoted this morning saying if even one person hears about this story because I’ve spoken up, then it is worth talking about it. That’s a very powerful thing. Your voice is a very powerful thing especially for families who suffered from this who don’t have the microphone and the outlet that you do, Janice. Final thoughts on this Thanksgiving week. I know it’s going to look and feel a whole lot different for your family. Message to others who may have lost loved ones during this pandemic.”

DEAN: “I have heard from so many families that are suffering this holiday season because they don’t have their loved ones. So please know that I am speaking on behalf of you — and this is not political, by the way, I have never been a political person — the only reason I’m speaking out is because we aren’t getting those answers, and the media the needs to hold this governor accountable instead of giving him awards.” janice dean cuomo awards

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