Janice Dean Mocks Cuomo For His Anti-Trump Meltdown – Is It Because the DOJ Is Investigating You?

Fox News contributor and meteorologist Janice Dean took a sledgehammer to Andrew Cuomo following the New York governor’s meltdown blaming President Trump for bringing COVID to his state.

Cuomo blamed the President and his “incompetent” CDC, National Institutes of Health and Department of Homeland Security, for not banning travel from Europe sooner.

The Democrat has long blamed Europe for the source of the outbreak rather than China, referring to it as the “European virus.”

“Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York,” Cuomo said to reporters at a press briefing. “That is a fact. It’s a fact that he admitted, and the CDC admitted, and Fauci admitted.”

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“The China virus got on a plane and went to Europe. The European virus came to New York,” he ranted adding that the administration’s mid-March travel ban from Europe was “too little, too late.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York. Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York.” pic.twitter.com/KVoz89xYQW

— The Hill (@thehill) September 8, 2020


Why The Sad Face?

Why, exactly, is Cuomo in the midst of a nervous breakdown?

Two reasons:

  • His economic illiteracy caused a $7 billion deficit in New York well before the pandemic hit. As a result, Cuomo has been prolonging economic pain in his state – intentionally, in my view – as a means to cause an economic emergency that will force the federal government to bail him out. But President Trump has said bailing out this level of incompetence is not fair to states that navigated the crisis properly. “Well run States should not be bailing out poorly run States, using CoronaVirus as the excuse!” he tweeted in May. What you’re seeing in Cuomo’s rant is a petulant man-child throwing a temper tantrum over not getting that bailout.
  • As Janice Dean points out, Cuomo is losing his cool because he is now under investigation by the Department of Justice over his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic. Dean points out that Cuomo was once singing the praises of Trump and his administration admitting, “He has delivered for New York.” “Remember this, [Cuomo]?” Dean mocked. “Why the change of heart? Maybe because [the DOJ] is investigating you?”

Remember this, @NYGovCuomo? Why the change of heart? Maybe because @TheJusticeDept is investigating you? https://t.co/5YBs6S9urp

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) September 8, 2020

Dean is Correct

Let’s address both of those points, shall we?

NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy issued a statement regarding the budget deficit, calling the governor “dishonest” and “incompetent.”

“Here are the indisputable facts about New York pre-covid,” Langworthy stated. “We had a $7 billion dollar deficit, the highest taxes, worst economic outlook, most onerous regulations, least-business friendly climate, and the most outmigration of any state in the nation.”

And now he wants the federal government to come in and bail him out? Odd, since Democrats insist any national economic struggles are to blame on President Trump. But the struggles of New York are not on Cuomo?

As for the nursing home scandal, the DOJ announced two weeks ago that they have requested information from New York regarding pandemic-related orders that might have led to the deaths of thousands of seniors in nursing homes.

“Today the Justice Department requested COVID-19 data from the governors of states that issued orders which may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents,” a statement read.

In it, they reference a March 25th executive order which forced nursing homes to take on patients that had tested positive for coronavirus and prohibited facilities from requiring incoming patients “to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

Cuomo refused to reverse that directive for several weeks while well over 6,600 senior citizens – perhaps many more – succumbed to the virus.

The CDC unfortunately made it optional for nursing homes to report COVID deaths in March, April and early May, when NY’s pandemic was at its worst.

But some homes did the right thing — and often gave numbers strikingly higher than reported by NYS DOH. https://t.co/6WSYZno25L pic.twitter.com/zIQOPExDLH

— Bill Hammond (@NYHammond) September 8, 2020


The Associated Press reports that the scandal could have been far deadlier since New York has only been counting residents who died on nursing home property, not those who were brought to hospitals and passed there. andrew cuomo trump

The true number of deaths caused by Cuomo’s order could be many thousands more.

Mr. Tough Guy @NYGovCuomo has never answered questions on why he ordered Covid patients into Nursing homes, constantly blames others for the staggering death toll in NY and is still hiding the real number of elderly that died. Also: Never used the Javits/Comfort Ship hospitals. https://t.co/kAiDdezyvp

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) September 8, 2020


Cuomo Gets Torched andrew cuomo trump

Dean has been a fierce critic of Cuomo’s nursing home policy, believing strongly that it helped lead to the coronavirus deaths of her husband’s parents.

“My family didn’t have to die,” she wrote in a column last month.

“Mr. Tough Guy [Cuomo] has never answered questions on why he ordered Covid patients into Nursing homes, constantly blames others for the staggering death toll in NY, and is still hiding the real number of elderly that died,” she tweeted.

In an NBC News report in April in which he praised President Trump for his help, Cuomo “cited, as he has before, the sending of the Navy ship USNS Comfort and the construction of a military field hospital at the Javits Center as examples of the president responding quickly to the state’s needs.”

But, as Dean points out, the Democrat governor never used the Comfort or the Javits Center properly, and not one reporter in New York has called him out for this.

I don’t believe any reporter has asked this or followed up on it. Additionally, no one has asked why his health department suddenly can’t find the total number of Nursing Home patients that died in the hospital from Covid. It’s beyond comprehension and infuriating. https://t.co/eCy29P9PUr

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) September 9, 2020


This should be a crime,” Dean said. “The field hospitals that were created to help ⁦[Cuomo] cost more than $660 million according to an NPR analysis of federal spending records. But most of these facilities didn’t treat a single patient!”

She clarified that the $660 million tally was for hospitals across the country “but several (of) them were made for New York.”

Dean even retweeted a clip of Cuomo’s meltdown which was captioned, “This is what panic looks like! How is the nursing home investigations going there party tits!?”

The latter portion of that comment presumably referencing a scandal of a different nature for Governor Cuomo.

“This made me lol,” Dean replied.

What isn’t a laughing matter has been Cuomo’s incompetence every step of the way in combatting the pandemic.

THREAD: Why DOJ is investigating Cuomo – Cuomo intentionally sent covid positive elderly back into nursing homes, against CDC guidelines. Here’s the March 25 order he issued, a link to the March 13 CDC guidelines and grabs of the relevant portions of each. https://t.co/pdTEdTnDZJ pic.twitter.com/84W09ji0im

— Jonathan Falcon (@JonathanFalcons) September 8, 2020


“Cuomo was the only governor in the country who prohibited nursing homes from testing for COVID, he forced nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients, he fought de Blasio’s move to shut down New York City, and New York has more deaths than California, Texas and Florida combined,” explained Langworthy.

Despite his buffoonery on a grand scale, the media has propped the governor up as an exemplary model on how to handle crises. And Cuomo is delusional enough to believe it.

He has been celebrating his efforts by selling self-drawn posters lauding his work, appearing on late-night television to discuss his love life during these trying times, and even writing a book about his failed response.

It’s worth noting that New York, even after surges in other parts of the country, has an abysmally poor death rate, still ranking higher than twice the number of the next closest state.

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