James Woods thanked Alyssa Milano for a reminder to “buy more ammo” after the actress scolded Americans for purchasing firearms during the coronavirus pandemic autodesk sketchbook herunterladen. alyssa milano james woods

In a video posted to social media, Milano frets over an increase in firearm sales saying the guns could possibly be used in “households, schools, churches, bars, and on our streets in the future.”

During these unprecedented times, the actress of Who’s the Boss herunterladen? fame would rather concentrate more on washing one’s hands than self-defense as the crisis continues.

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Because it’s difficult to multi-task apparently herunterladen.

Is the mainstream media corrupt?

‘Dangerous Firearms’

Milano practically begged Americans not to purchase “dangerous firearms.”

“Americans bought over 2 million firearms in March of 2020, over a million more than this time last year,” she tweeted titanic film german. “We have to keep each other safe by social distancing and washing our hands and not bringing dangerous firearms into our homes.”

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“Stockpiling weapons could have dire consequences,” added Milano download and cut youtube video.

Yea, for anybody trying to break into a house to steal toilet paper or hand sanitizer maybe.

Not for the vast majority of law-abiding citizens movie maker kostenlos download windows 7.

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Woods Fires Back

James Woods, a Hollywood icon favored amongst conservatives, took the opportunity to mock Milano’s melodramatic message xbox one profil herunterladen.

“Thank you for the reminder,” he replied.

“When the looting starts, always be prepared. Buy more ammo!”


Buy More Ammo alyssa milano james woods

Recent reports indicate Woods has a point herunterladen.

While major crimes have declined on average, Southeast Queens in New York, a community hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a doubling of burglaries and car thefts.

The New York Times also reports that domestic abuse cases have been on the rise, “flourishing in the conditions created by the pandemic.”


Gun rights advocate Antonia Okafor Cover also criticized Milano saying that during such trying times, women should be empowered, not disarmed.

“Here’s a thought?” she wrote. “What if women like [Alyssa Milano] used their platform to actually empower other women (many of whom bought those 2 million firearms last month)?”

“Believe that we are fully capable of taking a tool, training [with] it, learning about it and using it for self-defense.”

Milano, as evidenced by her claim that these guns will end up being used in churches or bars, doesn’t believe gun owners are capable of properly using, securing, or protecting what they’ve purchased for safety purposes.

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