Actor James Woods, a frequent critic of former President Obama and liberals in general, has fired off a brutal retort to Michelle Obama’s complaints of enduring racism during her husband’s eight years in the White House.

Speaking at the Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s 30th anniversary last week, Obama opened up about what she considered the hardest part of serving as America’s First Lady.

The racism.

Obama, after citing specific instances, said that after “working really hard for this country,” there would still be people “who won’t see me for what I am because of my skin color.”

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Oh, the struggles she must have endured.

Suffice it to say, Woods wasn’t exactly feeling sympathetic towards poor Michelle’s plight.



There is little doubt that Michelle and Barack took some racist barbs from the lunatic fringe, but no more so than the far-left delivered to President George W. Bush in their comparisons of him to Hitler, or those being thrown at President Trump today.

It’s the perils of political life – not so much racism as it is ignorance from people who want to tear down their opponents.

So spare us the ‘my critics are racist’ routine, and stop whining about your supposed ‘struggles.’

Of course, there was that one time that Michelle was the victim of racism. You know, the time Hillary Clinton refused to ride on a plane with her.

Woods followers were quick to point out that Michelle Obama’s struggles were indeed horrifying (insert eyeroll here).


Hillary would call that being “dead broke.”


Then there is this little detail – If Obama can complain about the suffering she endured, what about the American people that suffered under her husband’s administration?



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