Defense Secretary James Mattis has finally weighed in on the controversy surrounding NFL players and the national anthem, in a manner you’d expect from a man nicknamed ‘Mad Dog.’

President Trump has been tweeting unceasingly about the NFL, railing against players who take a knee or hide in locker rooms to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, the military members who fought for both, and the American people in general antivirenprogramm kaspersky kostenlos download.

Even this Tuesday, the President took a shot at the NFL’s plunging ratings and the Dallas Cowboys – supposedly ‘America’s team,’ – for taking a knee prior to the anthem. He did however, praise the Cowboys for standing during the anthem and called their form of protest ‘progress.’

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With the nation’s leader transfixed on football players, members of his administration have naturally been asked about their views whatsapp video herunterladen geht nicht. Do they support the President? Are they upset by his comments?

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Mattis was asked about the NFL flap during a press gaggle along a flight to India on Monday kalender 2019 met weeknummers downloaden.

His response? Pure Mad Dog.

“Do you have anything to say about the NFL being someone who has served in the military?” one reporter asked herunterladen.

“I’m the secretary of defense,” Mattis quipped virtuelle russische tastatur kostenlosen. “We defend the country.”

Mic drop.


That comment is pretty much the Secretary of Defense version of ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’

The irony here is that Mattis and the Pentagon are too busy defending the country, which allows spoiled millionaire athletes the ability to protest and exercise their freedom of speech kostenlos kindle bücher herunterladen.

Next time they kneel down, it should be as a gesture of thanks for our military men and women, not as a means to denigrate their service.

Is ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’s response to NFL protesters perfect? Share your thoughts below!

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