An Islamist group with secret compounds and questionable ties to radical organizations is allegedly stockpiling weapons to use in anticipation of raids they believe may be ordered by the Trump administration brettspielwelt herunterladen.

These groups aren’t collecting weapons in the Middle East.

It’s happening right here in America.

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According to reports, the group is fearful of the Trump administration re-opening investigations into whether or not the group is a “homegrown terrorist organization.”

Via Fox News:

An Islamist group with secretive compounds around the U.S sky go serien downloaden. is arming up in anticipation of raids by the incoming Trump administration, according to a new report from a nonprofit think tank.

Muslims of America, which is headquartered in Hancock, N.Y., and run from Pakistan by leader Sheikh Gilani, operates 22 “Islamic villages” around the nation solidworks kostenlos downloaden. The compounds are legal, but Gilani has recently ordered all unarmed members to gather firearms, licenses and hunting permits, according to Clarion Project baby bilder kostenlos downloaden. Gilani believes his group will be targeted by Trump.

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“I foretold disastrous results should this man be elected as the American President,” Gilani said in a statement shortly after Trump was elected president on Nov herunterladen. 8. “He has come as a test and trial for the faithful adherents of the holy books.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano analyzed the report and explained that as long as the groups are heeding New York State gun laws, they are within their rights to gather up firearms itunes download op android.

He did admit however, that it’s “creepy” for the group to be stockpiling weapons not for simple acts of self defense but rather, because they expect a confrontation with the federal government under President Trump far cry for free in full version german.

Islamberg is listed on the Clarion Project website as a possible “radicalized community in the U.S.,” linked to a Pakistani militant group known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra Download the rest of the message now outlook 2010.

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It claims the group has 22 locations in the United States, with Islamberg in New York being one of the more prominent locations.

The following video allegedly shows women inside Islamberg engaged in guerilla training zdf mediathek herunterladen.


The well-respected Clarion Project also reports:

The level of advancement of MOA (Muslims of America) training is not the point elster online zertifikat erneut herunterladen. The point is that MOA is a secretive organization that, in the words of declassified FBI report from 2007, “possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” and “extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government.”

If the FBI’s assessment is accurate, then the Trump administration would be wise to investigate this group’s various locations – starting with Islamberg.

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