Some alleged “experts” on the internet are saying it is simply special effects provided through CGI, and thus not a real video.  They claim the motions don’t match the surroundings, but I can’t really tell myself.  If it is CGI, it’s fairly passable as the real thing.

Via the Daily Caller:

Next time you’re up North visiting America’s chilly hat — that’s Canada — don’t let small children out of your sight. That’s the takeaway lesson from a video that spread quickly Tuesday afternoon.

The 60-second clip shows a golden eagle swooping out of the sky and grabbing a small boy from a Montreal park, and trying to fly away with his prize.

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Luckily for the boy — and for his dad, who was so busy filming birds of prey that he forgot to keep an eye on him — the eagle wasn’t prepared to carry away a 20-pound child. The animal dropped him from a height of three or four feet before zooming off to find a smaller snack.

Here’s the video – you decide…