Introducing the Democrat App Store: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending – There’s a Dem For That!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has launched a mock app store for Democrats.  The site mimics your usual Android or iPhone app store, except the “dapps” are 2014 Democrat candidates.  The effort is titled – Failed.  Foiled.  Fruitless.  There’s a Dem for that!

Via Roll Call:

The NRSC plans to use phones, billboards, push cards and walk days, plus Web videos and a social media push, to target incumbents in Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire and North Carolina. It’s also launching a mock app store website, where Democratic candidates are separated by category and each has a separate page with descriptions and reviews.

“Throughout August, the NRSC is connecting directly with folks from Alaska to North Carolina, reminding them that Democrats have turned their backs on women, families and workers by embracing President Obama’s job stifling agenda,” NRSC spokeswoman Brook Hougesen said in a statement.

Here is a screen shot of the Cory Booker app, which includes mock screenshots, a mock compatibility listing, and my favorite part … the reviews.  Each review is a humorous analysis of the candidate in the context of an actual app.

The NRSC explains:

We are highlighting Democrats’ failure to work on behalf of women, families, workers and businesses in their home states. Whether it’s job creation, health care, taxes, or providing affordable American energy, they’re falling short.

Good to see Republicans using modern references and decent efforts at mockery to fight back this election cycle.

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