Indisputable Proof the Left Is Lying to You About Guns

The Daily Kos, a far, far, far left-leaning group of basement dwellers just sent out an urgent mailing, asking members to sign a petition that would “Denounce the NRA, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and the Georgia state legislature for making it legal to terrorize families in public places and community events.”

In the e-mail, readers are told of yesterday’s shooting at a FedEx facility in Georgia, in which six people were injured and the shooter died of a self-inflicted gun shot.

Then yesterday, in Cobb County, a FedEx employee arrived at work with an assault rifle, knife and bullets strapped to his chest “like Rambo”—and wounded six people. It was legal for him to bring his gun into the workplace.

Except that it wasn’t legal for him to bring his gun into the workplace.  The FedEx facility you see, was a “gun free zone.”

Via Guns Save Lives (h/t Weasel Zippers):

If you followed today’s shooting at a FedEx facility in Georgia in which six people were injured and the shooter was killed, you might have noticed something ironic in the parking lot of the building.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the building is a gun free zone.

In Georgia, signs don’t hold legal weight, but if you were a FedEx employee and violated this policy I’m sure you could be terminated. I doubt many people would take that risk.

It’s just the latest example of a mass shooting in a gun free zone.

Here is another picture of the ‘gun free zone’ signs at the FedEx facility.

Image courtesy of the Associated Press

Of course, in addition to the stark proof offered in the images above, proof that they are lying, the loons over at the Daily Kos also describe the weapon used at the FedEx facility as an assault rifle.  It was not.

Via ABC News:

An employee armed with a shotgun injured six people at a FedEx warehouse in Georgia early this morning before he ended the carnage by shooting himself, police said.

“When he was found we know that he had a shotgun. It was the only weapon he had at that time… He deceased from what we believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the sergeant said.

A doctor from the facility said the wounds “appear to be (the result of) shotgun blast projectiles.”

Shotgun, shotgun, shotgun.

Back in 2013, vice-President Joe Biden told a Facebook Town Hall audience that their was never any need to own an assault rifle.  Instead, he suggested arming oneself with “a double-barreled shotgun.”  He would later add, “You don’t need an AR-15.  Buy a shotgun!  Buy a shotgun!”

The liberal organization also cites a story about a man walking around with a gun at a baseball game in Forsyth County, Georgia.  In the e-mail, the Kos claims they know the reason for the baseball game and FedEx gun incidents.

Why is all this possible? Georgia just passed HB 60—the “Guns Everywhere Bill”—which allows owners to carry their guns in public places like restaurants, churches, bars, schools, libraries, youth centers and sports arenas. The police aren’t even allowed to stop them to ask if they have a license.

NRA-backed laws are doing nothing to stop people with assault weapons from shooting a place up, but they’re making it possible to openly menace children at baseball games.

One problem with that rationale – HB 60, while having been signed into law, does not go into effect until July 1st.

The left will continually demonize gun owners until they have decimated the second amendment, either by law or executive fiat.  They will continue to use every lie in their arsenal.  You’ve just been given indisputable proof.

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