Indicted Senator’s Aide: I’m Going to Kick This Reporter’s White Ass

An aide to indicted state Sen. John Sampson (D), not taking kindly to a reporter’s inquiry into some questionable campaign contribution filings, hung up and then threatened to kick his “white ass.”

City & State reporter Nick Powell, was researching a report on a $500 contribution from a “Rubain Doranis” to Sampson’s re-election campaign (he is running despite being indicted for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from housing escrow accounts), when the verbal altercation took place.  

Noting that the contribution misspelled the name of Rubain Dorancy, a candidate trying to fill Eric Adams vacant seat, and that the address for the contribution was to Sampson’s district office in Brooklyn, Powell sought comment from both men.

After speaking with the Dorancy campaign about the irregularities, Powell was told that the mistake actually occurred with Sen. Sampson’s filing.  So he called Sampson’s office…

Via City & State:

Dorancy’s campaign offered no explanation for the misspelling of Dorancy’s name and the fact that his address was listed as Sampson’s office, pointing out that the mistake occurred in Sampson’s filing. When City & State called Sampson’s district office to inquire about the error, a Sampson aide refused to cooperate and hung up the phone. When City & State redialed the number and asked for contact information for Sampson’s campaign, the aide grew irritable and threatened to “kick [this reporter’s] white ass.”

Powell tweeted about the ordeal earlier today:

I called Sampson’s DO inquiring about fling error, hung up on. Called back, asked for campaign info, aide threatened to “kick my white ass.”

— Nick Powell (@nickpowellbkny) July 28, 2014

Dorancy meanwhile, has come under fire for what his primary opponent says is “$75,000 worth of unitemized campaign expenditures.”

Dorancy’s campaign stated that he had made contributions to the Working Families Party and President Obama as well.


New York

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