Earlier this week a young father and a baby girl drowned while crossing the Rio Grande and the leftists jumped on the story. But another story of Border Patrol agents saving a drowning child has been conveniently blacked out by the media e mail hotmail.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Earlier this week a young father and his baby girl drowned crossing the Rio Grande to get to America herunterladen.

They were illegal immigrants.

The left blamed President Trump for the tragic deaths.

The left believes open borders will fix this veeam herunterladen.

Of course, the left will never show the photos of illegal aliens rescued by US border agents.

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This doesn’t fit their narrative.

On Thursday the US Border Patrol posted video of agents rescuing a 13-year-old illegal alien who nearly drowned in the river mietvertrag für möbliertes wohnraum kostenlos downloaden.

The agents pulled the child from the river and began giving the child CPR and rescued him.

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So the media will report about victims who drowned but NOT about those who were saved by our own Border Patrol herunterladen?

That’s a shock!

Let’s turn it over to Next News Network’s Gary Franchi now so he can fill in all of the details herunterladen.

Make this video go viral!

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The truth needs to be known.

Here’s Gary…


The video currently has over 2000 likes just hours after publication darktable kostenlos download. (As of Saturday Morning)

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that Border Patrol agents have saved the lives of illegal immigrants herunterladen. The above is one such story to kill the ‘law enforcement are Nazis’ narrative coming from the left.

Here’s another …

In late June, Border Patrol received a 9-1-1 call indicating that a group of 57 people from Central America has entered the country illegally through the southern border 7 zip voor windows 10.

The Tucson sector of the Border Patrol responded almost immediately, locating the large group suffering from various medical ailments in the blazing desert heat spiele für den computer zum herunterladen.

In fact, it was record heat.

The group, which consisted of 21 adults (one of which was pregnant) and 36 minors (17 of which were unaccompanied, one of which was only a toddler), were abandoned by cartel smugglers and in distress.


According to a statement released by the Department of Homeland Security, several of the illegal immigrants “appeared to be dehydrated” and an “underage pregnant female, was provided intravenous fluids by Border Patrol EMT’s for dehydration, and is being transported to a local area hospital for further treatment.”

“All persons found were given water and food, and removed from the 108-degree-temperature stifling the area, to the Ajo Station for processing,” the statement read.

“Border Patrol Agents work tirelessly to ensure not only the safety and security of our nation but also the safety of those who they come in contact with,” they reminded the American people.

The Border Patrol and ICE are doing a tremendous job keeping our nation safe, as well as helping to save the lives of illegals despite their actions.

Recently, Democrats have done their best to demonize the agency for their work.

Parts of this post originally published by Dean Garrison at DC Clothesline