Backfire: Second Dem Leaves Party

Another one bites the dust.

Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are doing more to destroy their own party than President Trump could ever do.

Yesterday we reported on Jeff Van Drew’s head for the exits.

It seems that less than 24 hours after Van Drew came to his decision, another Democrat has announced his exit.


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This is a STATE Senator who is going Independent and will caucus with Republicans.

I actually consider this a bigger story than Van Drew.

How can I say that?

This is evidence that Congressional Dems in DC are not going to be the only defectors.

Democrats at lower levels are no longer proud to stand with the party either.

From Analyzing America:

State Senator John Yudichak of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania said that he will be switching his registration to become an Independent. He will caucus with the Republican majority.

Yudichak has criticized an increasingly liberal Democratic caucus that has led to this decision.

Due to issues that he finds important, Yudichak believes there is a better home in the Republican caucus.

Yudichak’s announcement comes less than 24 hours since we learned that New Jersey Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew has also made a decision that speaks volumes.

Van Drew has strongly opposed the Democrats’ impeachment efforts. After meeting with President Trump, Van Drew is now leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a member of the Republican Party.

Politico reported, “Van Drew’s congressional and campaign staff were informed he was planning to switch parties on Saturday…

“The question was now when, not if, Van Drew was joining the Republican Party, according to several Democrats with knowledge of the ongoing conversations.”

A top GOP source told Politico that “Van Drew reportedly met ‘at length’ with Trump on Friday and his decision to switch parties is supposed to be officially announced in the near future.”

Yudichak reflected on his situation, saying, “This is unique. I’m an independent. I’m going to be fiercely independent. I’ve been independent by nature, now it’s going to be by party.”

“Republicans hold 27 seats in the 50-seat chamber, with one solidly Republican district temporarily vacant until the winner of a Jan. 14 special election is sworn in” Washington Times reported. “Counting Yudichak and the vacant seat, Republicans will likely have an effective 29-21 majority next year.”

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Correction: The original version of this post hinted that Yudichak’s departure was due to impeachment, but as a state lawmaker he has no involvement in the process. Additionally, announcement of his move came more than a month prior to Van Drew indicating he would switch parties. 

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