IMPEACH THIS: Americans’ Satisfaction Spikes, Trump’s Approval Surges

Sorry Democrats, Americans just aren’t that in to your totally partisan impeachment sham. Polls show President Trump is doing what he said he would do and Americans are taking notice. trump’s approval

According to Gallup, Americans haven’t been this satisfied with the direction of the country in nearly 15 years. The new survey found that Americans are overwhelmingly more satisfied with the state of the country than they were in the final days of the Obama-Biden presidency:

  • 68% of Americans are satisfied with the U.S. economy, up 22 points since President Trump took office.
  • 68% of Americans are satisfied with the nation’s security from terrorism, up 18 points since President Trump took office.

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  • 81% of Americans are satisfied with the nation’s military strength and preparedness, up 15 points since President Trump took office.
  • Satisfaction with race relations and the position of blacks and other racial minorities in the country have both increased since President Trump took office.

Yet all the out-of-touch 2020 Democrats continue to do is spew more hate and apoplectic doom about President Trump and his policies while pushing a radical and unpopular left-wing agenda that would decimate the economy and kick America’s families to the curb.

Perhaps that’s why President Trump is better positioned than ever to defeat any Democrat in November and Keep America Great: 

  • According to the latest ABC/WaPo poll, President Trump’s approval rating has jumped 6 points since the Fall, during the Democrats’ impeachment sham.
  • President Trump’s job approval rating average is now even higher than it was before Nancy Pelosi announced the Democrats’ impeachment hoax.

These numbers should worry Democrats. Is obsessing with overturning the results of the last election really the best way to win the next one?

With every passing day, the choice is even clearer: Americans can re-elect a President who is fighting for them, or vote for a Democrat who will take away their jobs, give away their health care to illegals, hike their taxes and energy bills, and destroy the best economy America has seen in decades.

NEW POLL: On virtually every big indicator Americans say things are better today than they were at the end of the Obama-Biden presidency.

Economy is better (+22 points), country is more secure (+18 points), the military is stronger (+15 points), streets are safer (+9 points)…

— Andrew Clark 🎃 (@AndrewHClark) January 27, 2020


Via Donald J. Trump For President

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