Immigration Activist Explains How Trump Reform Would Help Blacks And Hispanics

President Donald Trump’s immigration reform would help legal Hispanics, according to an immigration activist.

Tom Broadwater, president of the nonprofit Americans4Work, compared Trump to an athlete who people might not like, but who gets the job done, in a conversation with The Daily Caller News Foundation. Americans4Work, which advocates for black, Hispanic, young, veteran, and disabled Americans, has previously argued that Silicon Valley is displacing American minority workers with H-1B visas.

“Trump continues to illustrate to us that he is not a Republican,” Broadwater told TheDCNF. “He is a change agent, and he is impatient, demanding, sort of contemptuous. A lot of people do not like him, but there’ve been people on football teams, basketball, sports teams that we play on [that] we didn’t necessarily like, but if they’re going to get us down the court, then great.”

“He’s not necessarily the guy we want to have over to the house for dinner, but he’s taking us down the court,” he said.

The Americans4Work president emphasized that Trump’s immigration stance benefited legal Hispanic Americans. But he disagreed with Trump’s potential decision to legitimize children of illegal aliens, saying the children should not “be given any fruits of the piracy of their parents.”

“It offends all notions of American jurisprudence,” he explained. “When the IRS places a lien on a family home and they eventually take that home from the taxpayers, they do not allow the children to stay in the home.”

Broadwater branded the Democrats racist for allocating time and energy to illegal alien initiatives instead of unemployed African-Americans who have been wronged by the courts. The Americans4Work president also addressed the impact of his ideal immigration reform on the education system.

“No one planned for our schools to be overrun by millions and millions of illegal aliens and their kids,” said Broadwater. “Urban schools … have been so severely drained of resources and also required resources that you can go into each of those communities and see that the schools have either been populated with temporary classrooms or capital improvement projects have been started to completely rehabilitate the school.”

He connected illegal immigration to pressure schools face to adopt bilingual language policies, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

“ESL classes technically should not exist,” said the Americans4Work president. “We don’t groom, we do not produce non-English speakers in this country. If this is a second language, obviously the presumption is you are not from here. … where are you from and how did you get here?. …[ESL] has been a financial burden on the urban school systems that illegal aliens have exploited.”

Along with Democrats, Broadwater named another primary culprit in the normalization of illegal aliens in America: traditional news media.

“They’ve gotten too caught up in defending the underdog regardless of the underdog’s circumstances,” he said. “In this case, no one should be defending illegal aliens, no one should be defending children of illegal aliens who incidentally upset our system of American jurisprudence, and no one should be defending families or beneficiaries of the immigration system who come here and then commit horrific crimes against our society.”

“Things have got to change and the traditional news media has in a sense abandoned the American people and it’s very disconcerting,” he added.

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