Illegal Immigrants Getting $20 Billion in Tax Credits Per Year… With the Help of the IRS

Or as Doug Ross asks, who needs amnesty?

Ed Rubenstein has a troubling new report out that claims the IRS is knowingly assisting illegal immigrants in a scam to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit…  to the tune of $20 Billion annually.

Via press release:

“As air traffic control and White House tours are shut down due to the budget sequester, millions of illegal immigrants are eagerly awaiting billions in cash windfalls courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service,” says Ed Rubenstein, president of ESR Research and former chief economist for the Grace Commission on Waste in Government.

His newly updated report, Defrauding the American Taxpayer: The Earned Income and Additional Child Tax Credits, underscores that illegal aliens are among the chief beneficiaries of these federal income transfer programs that kick-in every April 15.

Rubenstein reveals that “the IRS knowingly allows illegal aliens claiming children to get Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) cash payments of up to $5,891.” He says “the General Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that 23 percent to 28 percent of EITC payments that totaled $55.7 billion in 2011 are issued improperly every year. The IRS facilitates this tax rebate fraud by issuing individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs) to people who lack valid Social Security numbers because they are not authorized to work in the U.S., and encourages them to file for tax credits.” A 2010 government audit found that 72 percent of tax returns filed by people using ITINs, rather than Social Security numbers, claimed the child tax credit.

“In addition,” Rubenstein says, “the Child Tax Credit (CTC) program pays as much as $1,000 per child to families with children and incomes as low as $3,000. The IRS sends checks to anyone claiming the benefit, whether they have Social Security numbers or not. When a tax filer’s Child Tax Credit payment exceeds their tax liability, the IRS sends the filer an Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) refund check for the difference. Individuals can get an ACTC refund checks even if they had no income tax withheld or paid.”

Rubenstein notes that the IRS refuses to implement reforms that could stop massive ACTC fraud by illegal immigrants which the Treasury Department reports cost taxpayers $4.2 billion in 2010.

For copies of this explosive fourteen-page report, Defrauding the American Taxpayer-The Earned Income and Additional Child Tax Credit, visit

With millions of Americans struggling to find work and budget cuts being blamed for every woe under the sun, the IRS refuses to tighten up on an easily attained fraudulent tax credit by people who have already broken United States immigration law.

Worse according to Ross, some of those tax credit checks are even going to illegal immigrants with no social security numbers, and who may not even be in the U.S. at the time.

He adds:

… every time Democrats whine and cry about higher taxes, tell them you’re waiting for the IRS to stop the Illegal Alien Tax Credit scam that costs us $20 billion a year.



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