Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is calling for a blanket vote-by-mail option in future elections with absolutely “no questions asked.”

Omar, other members of the Squad, and nearly every prominent Democrat have been pushing for a vote-by-mail election in an attempt to capitalize on the coronavirus pandemic netflixen laptop windows 7.

It is a means to implement a method some consider a fraud risk.

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“Every registered voter should be allowed to #VoteByMail in future elections,” Omar tweeted, “no questions asked.”

Is Trump going to win in 2020?

Plenty of Questions

There is a reason Democrats are desperately trying to prolong the crisis in America to the point where it can affect the elections in November, but this particular option carries with it some major concerns herunterladen.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently explained vote-by-mail “would instantly destroy the public’s faith in election outcomes, and hence our democracy itself.”

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Mail-in ballots are considered by many as a means of allowing voter fraud virtual dj kostenlos herunterladen.

Indeed, there have been some prominent examples of voter fraud involving mail-in ballots – debacles in North Carolina and Texas to name a couple threema chat herunterladen.

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Omar Really Wants This ilhan omar vote

Vote-by-mail appears to be the lone policy effort coming from Democrats in a time of crisis and it’s pretty easy to understand why whatsapp kostenlos herunterladen für pc. Their goal is always to compromise elections and undermine democracy.

Potential vice presidential running mate to Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, has been calling for it herunterladen. Former first lady Michelle Obama wants it, as does former first lady Hillary Clinton fortnite hacks downloaden ps4. Adam Schiff is thrilled by the prospect lego star wars download the complete saga for free in full. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been perpetually trying to sneak it into coronavirus relief packages herunterladen.

Omar, though, has been calling for this system of voting through mail-in ballots consistently and for some time now.


In mid-April, Omar revealed a “list of demands” for any future coronavirus relief package.

The list included a ‘demand’ to “enact a vote-by-mail requirement for 2020.”


“There’s a lot of dishonesty going on with mail-in voting, mail-in ballots,” President Trump warned.

That’s precisely what Omar is looking for. She sees an opportunity to allow people to vote without any form of identification, using a mail system that could easily result in ‘lost’ or even ‘found’ ballots.

We can not let this happen.

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